Might of Merchants combines an economic and trading simulation with role-playing elements in a unique and lovingly hand-drawn medieval kingdom.

Become a successful merchant

Trade with various goods and manage different manufactories. Obtain raw materials, process them in your manufactories in various production chains and sell the manufactured goods profitably.

Consider the influence of the environment

Respond to supply and demand of the population and skillfully profit from events that occur to increase your wealth.

Expand your business

With growing success you can expand your business or construct new buildings. Change the attractiveness of your buildings and protect them and your workers against disasters such as burglary, sickness and fire.

Create your own dynasty

Rise in politics and demonstrate your diplomatic skills to influence decisions and laws. Assert yourself against your adversaries and defend yourself and your family against intrigues and dark forces.

Experience a unique and lovingly hand-drawn environment

The clear art style in combination with different seasons with changing weather and a dynamic day and night cycle creates a unique atmosphere.

Created by a solo developer

I am working on this game besides my job and family. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Developed with the Godot Engine

The Godot Engine is a great open source engine for creating games with a growing community.

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