Might of Merchants is a game about trade, wealth and dynasties with unique hand-drawn art in a changing environment and a challenging economy, settled in a medieval kingdom.

Inspired by games like Die Fugger II and The Guild, Might of Merchants combines the classic medieval economy simulation with challenging events, competing dynasties and political intrigues.

Atmospheric environment

In Might of Merchants you experience different seasons with a day and night cycle and changing weather. 

In addition, random events and disasters, such as sickness and fire, influence the course of the game.

Changing population

There are different population groups that have different needs. Their growth depends on the availability of the required goods. While the wealthy prefer delicious cakes, the poor eat simple grain meals.

Influencing beliefs

Two beliefs fight for supremacy. The old religion sticks to the past and teaches traditional values. The new faith preaches about new beginnings and independence.

Become a successful merchant​

Depending on your manufactory, you will have to fulfill different tasks. Obtain raw materials, process them in your factories in various production chains and sell the manufactured goods profitably.

Also take into account the influence of the changing environment. Respond to supply and demand of the population and increase your wealth.

Expand your business

With growing success you can expand your business or construct new buildings. Change the attractiveness of your buildings and protect them and your workers against disasters such as burglary, sickness and fire.

Create your own dynasty

Rise in politics and demonstrate your diplomatic skills to influence decisions and laws. Assert yourself against your adversaries and defend yourself and your family against intrigues and dark forces.

Experience unique, varied and lovingly hand-drawn graphics

The individual graphics are hand-drawn with pen and paper and are composed of simple and clean lines to create a unique art style. The different textures result in many variations, which can be rotated by up to 360 degrees. No additional 3D modeling software is used.

Developed with the Godot Engine

The Godot Engine is a great open source engine for creating games with a growing community.

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