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Might of Merchants is still in development


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Description & Features

Might of Merchants combines an economic and trading simulation with role-playing elements in a medieval kingdom. Experience a unique and lovingly hand-drawn world in which you have to prove your skills as a merchant.

  • Unique, varied and lovingly hand-drawn graphics
  • Atmospheric environment influenced by seasons, changing weather and a dynamic day and night cycle
  • Classic trading elements in a growing medieval kingdom, spiced with challenging events
  • Competing dynasties and political intrigues


Selected articles

“Might Of Merchants almost feels too blunt a name for something so delicate. Yes, the game is ostensibly about “trade, wealth and dynasties” across a medieval kingdom – but it’s drawn so carefully, townships and castles folded upon a canvas and lightly inked. Monochrome spaces are given a sense of season and time with varying lighting setups, and I almost worry that any given scene would wash away in a dash of rain. Remarkable stuff.”

Natalie Clayton – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

About the developer

Besides my full-time job and my family, I am an independent game developer and graphic designer from Germany. After experimenting with different game engines, I decided to combine my enthusiasm for classic trading games, my interest in hand-drawn top-down art and my programming skills to create a game. A game called Might of Merchants, in which you have to prove your skills as a merchant in a changing and challenging medieval environment.


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